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Elites Gather on the Bank of Jinji Lake to Discuss the Development of Domestic Neurosurgical Instruments


Elites Gather on the Bank of Jinji Lake to Discuss the Development of Domestic Neurosurgical Instruments

The 8th my country Medical Device Summit Forum (DeviceChina2018) ended on the bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou on the 9th. During the two-day conference, the elites of the medical device industry gathered together to talk about the current global economic situation, gather the power of industrial innovation, and discuss the future of high-quality development of my country's neurosurgical device companies. This forum is hosted by Suzhou Biomedical Industrial Park (BioBAY) and my country Medical Device Professional Association.

The theme of this forum is "gathering the power of industrial innovation and discussing the development of national machinery". This year's conference closely follows the situation at home and abroad. With this theme, it focuses on the innovation and breakthrough of the medical device industry. Through the interpretation of government officials on the policy level, it can better guide the industry development plan, and establish four thematic sub-venues: Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and neurosurgery, in vitro diagnosis and gene sequencing, incubator method innovation and innovative medical device development pay more attention to industrial core topics and development trends.

Jiang Feng, executive vice president of my country Medical Device Professional Association, stated in his welcome speech that the speakers of this forum were carefully prepared, including Dr. Liu Rui from the International Banking Group, Shanghai Food and Drug Chang Lin Senyong, BD Global Senior Vice President, Greater China General Manager Deng Jianmin and other important guests from the industry made interpretations. Therefore, the DeviceChina forum deserves to be the most down-to-earth forum.

Pang Junyong, President of Suzhou Industrial Park Bio-Industry Development Co., Ltd. believes that this year is still a year of rapid update and improvement of my country's medical device regulations. Now my country has basically established a medical device regulatory system covering the entire process of medical device supervision. In recent years Large-scale drastic changes in laws and regulations and system updates will definitely have a profound impact on the medical device industry. At the same time, listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the capital market has opened up new channels, bringing more channels for financing to many biotechnology companies and opportunities to show up in the international market.

Pang Junyong emphasized that this year's medical device summit forum was "dressed up and upgraded". At the same time, the "2018 my country Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the my country Biotechnology Development Center, and the "Medica Success Experience and Professional Knowledge" " The 2018 my country International Medical Device Innovation Exhibition has formed an international communication and cooperation platform integrating "competitions, exhibitions and forums", and at the same time gathers all factors and links of the medical device innovation industry chain here, "gathering The power of industrial innovation, on the development of national machinery", to help build an industrial ecosystem full of vitality and innovation.

The industry talks about the way of development

According to the development process of the in vitro diagnosis industry, gene sequencing is a definite trend in the development of in vitro diagnosis in the future. During the meeting, Dr. Zhao Ruilin, a partner of Chende Capital, gave an in-depth interpretation of the current situation of the development of the sequencing industry, and together he looked forward to the future development of the industry . Dr. Shi Chenyang, the founding president of QIAGEN Asia-Pacific, together with several professional experts, discussed the issue of "where should the application of gene sequencing technology go in the field of clinical medicine and the field of general health".

With the advancement of technology, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical field has gradually become a technology development and commercial hotspot in the health industry. At the DeviceChina 2018 "Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things" sub-session, Dr. Shi Zhanxiang, my country's general representative of the global medical organization, gave us an analysis of medical artificial intelligence through a keynote speech "Artificial Intelligence in the field of medical and health application rules and standardized construction" the correct direction of development. Dr. Jin Kewen, partner of Scarlett Jianxin Venture Capital, invited several entrepreneurs and investors to show us the "confusion in medical artificial intelligence market access and traps in investment" during the dialogue.

With the continuous upgrading of the industrial structure and the development of medical device products in the direction of customization and high added value, the competition in the medical device market will further intensify in 2018. In the future medical device market, innovation will become the most important driving force for its rapid growth, and it will also be the fundamental way to promote structural changes on the supply side. On September 9th, in the special session on "Incubator Model Innovation and Development of Innovative Medical Devices", well-known leading medical device companies such as Medtronic and Philips gathered together to discuss the innovation of multinational companies in my country. As the founder of the well-known domestic incubator Seriga, Dr. Wang Jie shared his valuable industry experience with us by delivering a keynote speech on "How Professional Incubators Accelerate Medical Device Innovation".

At the "Cardiovascular and Neurosurgery" sub-forum held at the same time, Dr. Yang Pengfei from Shanghai Changhai Hospital explained the current situation and development of neurological intervention in my country. Mr. Li Wei, director of the Medical Computing Department of the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, explained "Computational Considerations in the Planning of Clinical Trials of Innovative Cardiovascular Devices" from a professional perspective. As the CEO of Suzhou Xinmai Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Dr. Wang Jie, together with executives from four well-known companies, analyzed for us "how to build an excellent implant innovation enterprise" from the perspective of national policies.

Enlightenment from "B Village" in Gusu

As the organizer of this conference, Suzhou Biomedical Industry Park (BioBAY) (referred to as Suzhou "B Village") has developed for more than ten years, and strives to build a world-class bioindustry with the attitude of "concentration, unity, and innovation Ecosphere.

Now, more than 460 companies have settled in, and more than 10,000 biomedical professionals are employed. Among them, 63 experts from the National Thousand Talents Program have gathered, forming a characteristic industrial cluster such as new drug creation, medical equipment, and biotechnology. In the field of medical devices, 9 products of 8 medical device companies in the park have entered the "green channel" of national medical device innovation product approval, accounting for 82% of Suzhou City and 50% of Jiangsu Province. In the field of three types of high-end implant medical devices, enterprises in the park have obtained 60 product registration certificates and 21 product production licenses. It is estimated that with the continuous increase in research and development investment, the acceleration of clinical trials and the gradual launch of new products, the economic benefits of enterprises will continue to improve, and the biomedical industry in the park will show explosive growth in recent years.

Not long ago, the ultra-smooth radiography guide wire independently developed by Suzhou Yinluo Medical Devices Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the product registration certificate and production license. This industry-leading innovative product is expected to complete large-scale production in the beginning of next year. . "Six years ago, when I was still abroad, I was invited to participate in the second my country Medical Device Summit Forum. This time I came back and felt that not only the scale is getting bigger and bigger, but there are also more doctors, material suppliers and other members of the industrial chain. The reason is that it is a very good way to display my country's innovative products at home, and we have also received a lot of orders through the exhibition." Said Gong Xiaoyan, the 12th batch of national "Thousand Talents Program" experts and the founder of Yinluo Medical.

According to reports, the my country Medical Device Summit Forum has been successfully held in the park for seven consecutive sessions since 2011, attracting more than 2,300 participants in total, and building an efficient exchange and cooperation for the best medical device industry leaders, experts and scholars from my country and around the world Channels to discuss ways and means to promote the development of medical device occupational health.

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