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Introduction to Basic Operations of Neurosurgical Instruments--The Neurosurgical Instrument Guide Issue 1


Introduction to Basic Operations of Neurosurgical Instruments--The Neurosurgical Instrument Guide Issue 1

【The Neurosurgical Instrument Guide】series

The Neurosurgical Instrument Guide Issue 1: Introduction to Neurosurgical Instruments and Fundamental Surgical Instruments

brain needle

Alias: None

Category: General

Intent: Used to establish a track in the brain toward a specific goal, such as a ventriculocentesis to drain CSF or a biopsy of a mass. The smooth end and the needle passage through the brain tissue can reduce needle tract damage. Stylets can be removed to allow orientation or stereotaxic guidance that can be used in navigation systems.

Type: The length of the needle tube is different.

brain cotton

Alias: cotton sheet, sliver. Named by the size of the brain cotton (for example: quarter cotton)

Category: General

Uses: Multifunctional cotton pads, mostly used together with gelatin sponge, hemostatic gauze, or other hemostatic materials for hemostasis. The cotton pad is placed on the hemostatic material, and the suction device absorbs blood or fluid to promote blood coagulation. Can assist in placing bone wax and reduce adverse effects. Can also be used as a drainage sliver to drain fluids or as a maintenance barrier for vital structures. Many other uses exist. There is a developing line in the center.

Types: square and rectangular. Various scales.


Alternatives: Develop, Gauze, 4×4

Category: General

Uses: A gauze piece with multiple uses such as cleaning, hemostasis, water absorption, support placement, placement under skin flaps, etc. The lines inside the piece can be developed.

Type: various standards.

Frazier Attractor

Alias: Poppen Attractor

Category: General

Uses: Used for liquid suction in narrow spaces. The suction is opened and closed by operating the side port with the thumb. It can also be used as a retractor, maintenance device, and blunt dissection tool during tumor resection or intraparenchymal manipulations.

Species: straight or angular. Tips of different diameters.

Vascular clip applier

Alias: clip applier, vascular clip applier

Category: General

Uses: Used to clamp small metal clips to close blood vessels. Clips of various sizes are suitable for vessels of various sizes.

Type: Suitable for clips of various sizes. different lengths.


Aliases: asepto, asepto scourer, scour ball, water, big scour, scour

Category: General

Uses: Refillable scour balls are used for direct scouring of surgical areas.

Variety: Various standards and shapes of scourers.


Another name: Peanuts

Category: General

Intended use: Small gauze rolls typically held by Kelly, Crile straight, curved vascular forceps, and mosquito forceps, used for blunt dissection of tissue, cleansing the operative field to improve clarity, and often used to remove soft tissue attached to bone, e.g. , prevertebral arrangements in ACDFs (Anterior Approach Cervical Discectomy and Fusion), bone plates for placement of screws, etc.

Variety: single pack or multi pack.

Raney Clip Applier

Alternative names: Raney Clip Applier, Skin/Scalp Clip Applier

Category: General

Intent: Use Raney clips to clamp the flap margins for hemostasis during craniotomy.

Type: reusable or one-time use.

distribution strip

Alias: none

Category: General

Uses: For the planning of the subcutaneous channel of the shunt catheter. Cautious use of this cleaning rod is recommended as it can pass through the fascia with the risk of damaging blood vessels and vital tissue structures. The top hole allows for the catheter to be sutured, secured to a cleaning rod and passed through the subcutaneous tunnel. Often accompanied by a plastic sheath. Shorter length pokers can also be used for intraoperative connection of electrodes in patients with functional disease or to create subcutaneous tunnels for bypass grafts.

Variety: Different lengths. Reusable or one-time use.

suture cover

Another name: rubber sleeve, jacket, tubular protective sleeve

Category: General

Uses: The small rubber sleeve used to cover the clamp prevents the serrated pliers from damaging the clamped device. Typically used for shunt or pump catheters. Also used to grip sutures, since sutures can slide through most serrated jaws.

Variety: single pack or multi pack. Various colors.

Yankauer Attractor

Alias: tonsil attractor

Category: General

Intent: Large-bore attractors are useful in major surgical exposures. The design of the head end can minimize the damage to surrounding tissues when attracting.

Species: straight or angular. Maintained or unmaintained headends. metal or plastic. reusable or disposable

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