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The demand for home medical equipment is constantly increasing


Household medical equipment is different from medical equipment used in hospitals. Simple operation, compact size, and easy portability are its main features. With the advancement of our living standards, medical devices such as sphygmomanometers, magnetic therapy appliances, household blood glucose analyzers, and various therapeutic instruments are increasingly entering the home. Consumers can enjoy daily health care and health monitoring without leaving home. equivalent energy.


According to analysts in the medical industry, portable monitoring and treatment equipment for families will become the most demanded medical device product in the market. Home medical equipment mainly includes four categories: household treatment instruments, household inspection equipment, home health care equipment, and maintenance and recovery equipment. China's home medical equipment has a large market. It can be seen that the industry in the future will be developed towards the combination of digitization and electronics, and the combination of treatment and health care.


Medical equipment has begun to show a trend of development from hospital medical equipment to household medical equipment, and then to household medical appliances. In the West, household medical equipment has accounted for 40% of all medical equipment production, and this share is still relatively low in China. Therefore, China still has unlimited potential for development. Due to the characteristics of China's publicly funded medical care (social pooling), which conceals the low level of filial piety and the high proportion of family self-payment, how to treat themselves and maintain health is more concerned about people today. Medical equipment will soon become a new type of mass household appliance that is the same as home computers. , will be increasingly digitized and electronicized.


In addition, the market demand direction of China's home medical equipment is mainly therapeutic, which is selected by the current situation in China, and the role of this type of product is the first. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards and the rapid growth of the proportion of elderly people, our demand for home healthcare medical devices continues unabated. Therefore, health care medical devices, especially health care TCM medical devices, such as massage chairs, massage pillows, massage beds, massage cars, etc., will gradually open up potential market opportunities.


The market demand for home medical devices in China continues to increase. In the future, home medical devices will develop in the direction of digitalization and electronic connection, and medical and health care. Relevant enterprises should invest heavily in or distribute such novel products.

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