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The development of neurosurgery


The development of neurosurgery can be roughly divided into the period of general neurosurgery, the period of microneurosurgery, and the period of minimally invasive (minimally invasive) neurosurgery. Among them, microneurosurgery is still popular all over the world as a mature technology.


Since the surgical microscope was introduced into neurosurgery, because of its good illumination, high definition, magnification of diseased tissue and adjacent structures in the surgical field; coupled with the use of bipolar coagulation forceps, microsurgical instruments, laser knife, ultrasonic suction, etc. The precision and accuracy of surgery are better, the chance of damaging adjacent important structures is reduced, the effect of surgical treatment is significantly improved, and surgical complications and surgical death and disability rates are significantly reduced. As a result, neurosurgery has entered the era of microneurosurgery from operations under the naked eye and under a magnifying glass. Its application has expanded to almost all neurosurgical procedures, such as intracranial aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, vascular reconstruction surgery, intraventricular tumors, sellar region tumors, skull base tumors, and brainstem tumors and spinal cord tumors that were previously considered forbidden areas for surgery wait.


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