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State Food and Drug Administration: Medical devices are registered first and then produced

Pharmaceutical Industry (HC) On the morning of April 1, the State Food and Drug Administration and the State Council promulgated "regulations" for the supervision and management of medical devices. The newly revised "regulations" are based on the risk level. According to the degree of risk, to ensure product safety and effectiveness, pipes, combined with strict no, high-risk product production and operation enterprises "compress" and low-risk product production and operation enterprises "relax", promote medical device production and operation enterprises to be bigger and stronger.


The demand for home medical equipment is constantly increasing

Household medical equipment is different from medical equipment used in hospitals. Simple operation, compact size, and easy portability are its main features. With the advancement of our living standards, medical devices such as sphygmomanometers, magnetic therapy appliances, household blood glucose analyzers, and various therapeutic instruments are increasingly entering the home. Consumers can enjoy daily health care and health monitoring without leaving home. equivalent energy.


The development of neurosurgery

The development of neurosurgery can be roughly divided into the period of general neurosurgery, the period of microneurosurgery, and the period of minimally invasive (minimally invasive) neurosurgery. Among them, microneurosurgery is still popular all over the world as a mature technology.

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